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  1. Hi, great plugin, but…. the code is in, map showing, but no functionality to get quote.

    Also, is there anyway to tie the quote price into a paypal option fpr people to pay?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Mark,

      The issue with functionality may be because of some conflicts with your theme. Which theme you are using or can you share the website URL?

      Yes, we can use the PayPal to integrate payment gateway with the quoted value. If you need any help kindly send mail to aboobackerp@gmail.com.

  2. Hello,

    I am a taxi driver in Monterey, California and just started building a website and this plugin will be very useful.

    The plugin is installed but I can’t see the map. In addition to mileage, would it be possible to add a “drop fee” and a “surcharge”, and ‘wait time” in settings?

    Also, could the user alter the route in maps?



      1. Aww cool, is it possible to just display the km and amount/cost for the distance. We dont need directions.
        Here is what the client wants:
        If distance is less then 50km, he wants to charge a flat fee of R1650. R is for Rands, South african currency.
        If it is greater than 50km then they must pay R1650 plus an extra R20 per km.
        if distance 50
        then cost =(distance – 50) * 20 +R1650
        I hope this helps
        the site is http://www.tuvacoaches.co.za/

  3. HI,

    I find a problem in this plugin and do please test and let me know how can i fix it pls :).
    These two address are same:
    1) andpizza, 1118 H Street Northeast, Washington, DC 20002
    &pizza, 1118 H Street Northeast, Washington, DC 20002

    2) 1118 H Street Northeast, Washington, DC 20002

    or you can see the map here: http://goo.gl/ku2MfH

    But when i fill the same it in your plugin it shows a distance of 0.72miles.

    See: “The distance between andpizza, 1118 H Street Northeast, Washington, DC 20002 and 1118 H Street Northeast, Washington, DC 20002: 1.2 km / 0.72 mi
    Time take to travel: 4 mins”

    But it must not show any distance. How can i fix it?


  4. WOW! Great tool!

    Is there an option to change from kilometers to miles?

    Also, I’m trying to set the ‘default’ map to be of the Washington DC area, but when I put in the latitude / longitude of Washington DC, the default map is showing Kyrgyzstan.

    Thanks. Looking forward to using this.

  5. what would it take to add a few options to this plug in?
    your quote field is perfect, but i would never in a million years use Kilometers… could you please add and option for miles instead. also you should make it were there is no price diff between night and day so it is not needed.

  6. As I am getting so many requests to enable an option to set the unit in either Kms or Miles through the backend, I have already started implementing that. Also there will be some more dynamic features which would really make you excited!

  7. Hey, I would like to know if someone knows how to add a third address? for work with delivery express and to calculate the quote I should start counting from point A (base) then go To Point B to pick up the stuff and go to Point C.

    Does anyone can help me with that?

  8. Excellent tool.
    Is it possible to add few things?

    1: Drop down to choose Car i.e 7 seater, Saloon, Minibus OR number of passengers to auto select car.

    (Standard rate for saloon, option to show different rate for different car type.)

    2: Box to select booking date and time.

    3: Connect with paypal.

    Will wait for your reply

  9. Hi Aboo Backer,

    Thnx for your tool, looks very good en works fine.

    My question is that im setting up an courier company site and want to use your AB google maps plugin for customers so they can calculate the shipping costs.

    So the plugin is perfect, its just that i dont need the directions showing below.

    Is there a way i can keep the calculator and delete the directions?

    thnx, salaam

  10. hello just to let you know this seems like a very good plugin but i cant seem to get it to the map to show Los angeles area I’m trying to set the ‘default’ map to be of Los angeles, but when I put in the latitude / longitude of LA, the default map is showing somewhere in asia can you please help me with this, thank you again for the plugin it is very good.

  11. I’m traying to test the plugin in my new wordpress installation, but not work when I type the two point of distance. The map appear very good, but it’s not calculating. In addition I deactivated all the plugin I think make conflict. It do nathing yet.

    Please, say me something that help me…

  12. Hi,

    Great plugin! But can the map be change to be responsive? Or resize according to the screens size? And possibly remove the directions showing below?

  13. hey there, sent you an email several days ago. Not working with my theme for some reason. and is there anyway to tie PayPal with this? please let me know!

  14. Hi , great tool

    Is there any possibility to include an option to Right-Click on the map to indicate the starting point and destination for a Taxi trip inserting mark points on the map and auto-filing the from-to gaps?

    Here is a website with this feature

    Thank you very much

  15. Hi there!

    Is there a way to implement an autocomplete on the origin and destination text boxes? ie, when a user starts typing an address, it will pop up a list of possible addresses the user could be typing, like when you used the actual maps.google.com site?


  16. hello sir, its a great plugin first of all..i need to make a few modifications, i want to place the get quote button in the next line and possibly colour it and secondly i want to disable the driving directions.how can i do these things? hoping for a quick reply.thanks!

  17. Hi there, thanks for the App! Is there a way I can tweek this to work with a much older theme? Could I modify the script so that it doesn’t print the turn by turn directions and just supply the client with a price? and have a static starting point

    My site is a mobile notary service. The idea is to have a static starting zipcode ie, 80013 and then the customer enters their address .

    Any help or advice would be appreciated

    BTW this is the theme


  18. Hi!

    I agree with everyone — great plugin! I’m also looking for something similar to what Louie and some of the others are asking for:

    * Conversion from km to miles

    * A way to add in a drop fee (a flat rate that is standard with every ride, on top of which miles are calculated)

    * A way to add multiple customized options that incur extra fees. For example, there is an extra fee when we pickup from the airport. I’m imagining a field that reads “Are you being picked up or dropped off from the airport?” If they check “yes” then the airport fee is added to the total cost.

    * An option that allows you to not display the driving directions

    * Options for customizing the font type and size

    I’d happily pay for a Pro Version and I see that you said back in October that you were working on one. Is that still in the works? And if so, is there an ETA on the launch and what features will be included?


  19. Hi,
    Thanks for awesome plugin…in this map it indicates the dollar ($) .But how do i change it to india currency symbol..rupee .please help me..


  20. Hi

    is the a way to add auto complete on the “from” and “to” fields so that the the addresses can be auto populated or suggested

  21. Hi great plugin. Interested in using the map data without actually seeing the map basically what I need is a form with “from” and “to” fields to get info from map and “time” then calculate quote based on our formula. Is this possible? Thanks

  22. Hello, Im working on our removals company website and I’m interested in this plugin for our quotes page. I would like to be able to work out the price for three desinations.

    So the total price for the following..
    A: From our depot to customers moving out address
    B:From Cutomers moving out address to their new address

    would need to figure in to the price for the size of the houe. ie 3 bedroomed home – two bedroomed home.

    If you can help please get back to me. Many thanks


  23. hi.
    i like your plugin, but for my site i need just to calculate a distance between 2 points. How could i customize your plug-in for it?

    1. Hi Beste,

      It should be a conflict with your current WordPress theme. May I know on which website you are facing difficulty with the website?

  24. Hello and thank you for your module, it works perfectly ..
    I would like to be able to change the prices according to the vehicle.
    In your opinion how can I do, install several times the same module or add an option?

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