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  1. Hello, I am getting an error message on my map – “This page can’t load Google maps correctly.”

    I see you are getting the same error on your demo. Google just changed their Google Maps site. Is this because of some change?


      1. I can no longer find the place to update it in the plugin. I am in the plugin folder, in the ab-google-map-travel.php file, and I have found this code that seems to contain the api key:

        wp_enqueue_script(‘google_map_js’, ‘https://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?key=AIzaSyCSX5ZH0dnGrOez2Q42j0XewKhHYayXEdE&libraries=places&sensor=false&language=’ . get_option(‘language’));

        Now, can I somehow put my google maps api key into that link or put it in my particular website’s function.php file, which should work best? (I am trying to use this on a multi-site setup)

        Thanks for the quick response,

        1. Yes, you absolutely nailed it!

          Please feel free to change “AIzaSyCSX5ZH0dnGrOez2Q42j0XewKhHYayXEdE” with your own API key.

          1. I just tried that, but the map will not work now. This is the error I am getting, and I am entering in specific addresses – Google Map could not be created for the entered parameters. Please be specific while providing the destination location.

            These are all the api libraries I have enabled, but it still will not work:

            Places API 56 0 0% — —
            Directions API 2 2 100% 25 ms 32 ms
            Maps JavaScript API 2 0 0% — —
            Distance Matrix API — — — — —
            Geocoding API — — — — —
            Geolocation API — — — — —
            Maps Elevation API — — — — —
            Maps Embed API — — — — —
            Maps Static API — — — — —
            Roads API

            This is the code I placed in the plugin’s file – ab-google-map-travel.php

            wp_enqueue_script(‘google_map_js’, ‘https://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?key=THIS-IS-MY-KEY-HERE&libraries=places&sensor=false&language=’ . get_option(‘language’));

            Is there a way to put this in the site’s functions.php file instead? It is not working here.

            Thanks for the help,

  2. Hello, I am facing the same problem – “This page can’t load Google maps correctly.”
    So I add “Google API Key” plugin but issue not resolve.
    Please guide me.Thanks

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