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  1. Hi there, thanks for the App! Is there a way I can tweek this to work with a much older theme? Could I modify the script so that it doesn’t print the turn by turn directions and just supply the client with a price? and have a static starting point

    My site is a mobile notary service. The idea is to have a static starting zipcode ie, 80013 and then the customer enters their address .

    Any help or advice would be appreciated

    BTW this is the theme


  2. Hi!

    I agree with everyone — great plugin! I’m also looking for something similar to what Louie and some of the others are asking for:

    * Conversion from km to miles

    * A way to add in a drop fee (a flat rate that is standard with every ride, on top of which miles are calculated)

    * A way to add multiple customized options that incur extra fees. For example, there is an extra fee when we pickup from the airport. I’m imagining a field that reads “Are you being picked up or dropped off from the airport?” If they check “yes” then the airport fee is added to the total cost.

    * An option that allows you to not display the driving directions

    * Options for customizing the font type and size

    I’d happily pay for a Pro Version and I see that you said back in October that you were working on one. Is that still in the works? And if so, is there an ETA on the launch and what features will be included?


  3. Hi,
    Thanks for awesome plugin…in this map it indicates the dollar ($) .But how do i change it to india currency symbol..rupee .please help me..


  4. Hi

    is the a way to add auto complete on the “from” and “to” fields so that the the addresses can be auto populated or suggested

  5. Hi great plugin. Interested in using the map data without actually seeing the map basically what I need is a form with “from” and “to” fields to get info from map and “time” then calculate quote based on our formula. Is this possible? Thanks

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